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The Paris couture shows sometimes come off like a wild rampage of creativity slowed only by the odd paralytic wait as seamstresses backstage close that final seam. And then everyone returns to their black hired cars and the beetling traffic on the Rue de Rivoli until the next flash of brilliance. It has been ages since people killed off the hours between shows with a lazy, gracious lunch, a couture tradition. I smiled when a fellow journalist commended the variety of international takeout his co-workers had tasted. Personally, I like the salads at Eric Kayser, a bakery chain that opened a branch near my hotel a couple of years ago.

I did manage to go to the Ritz bar this time. It was still the same old Ritz, with the piano player and the stranded-looking tourists clasping their cocktails in a booth as a bit of air came in from the patio. I stayed for one drink.

Since couture is a cradle for extravagant clothes made individually for rich women, it’s not widely looked upon as a source of trends. A pencil skirt made of four layers of couture net (in four different gauges and colors) overwhelms any thought a copycat might have of duplicating the classic shape. It’s enough that couture refreshes your picture of fashion, and maybe, inspires you.

One pronounced change this season was the number of designers showing pants. Raf Simons kicked things off with Dior’s black cigarette pants worn with jackets or embroidered minidresses (the idea was to suggest a ball gown chopped down to look more youthful and wearable). Chanel had loads of wide-leg trousers, worn with skimmy blouses. The king of pants, Giorgio Armani, offered loosefitting velvet styles. Valentino’s opening numbers included a streamlined navy jumpsuit with slightly rounded shoulders. Jean Paul Gaultier had his share of pants, too.

Veils were ubiquitous; I lost count. But did you notice how many designers added some kind of dulled metallic belt to a coat or suit?

Patterns tended to be bold: the smack of flowers at Giambattista Valli, the patchwork at Chanel, the electric swirls at Versace, the mosaic leather embroidery at Givenchy.

But perhaps a more inspiring idea was the use of modern grids. Mr. Simons, responsible for the layered net pencil skirt, created grids in embroidery; new gray tweeds had a slight mesh pattern. Karl Lagerfeld’s many small checks and stripes were gridlocked, too.


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Four Ways To Break Through Your Fear And Self-Doubt.

Just recently I read a post on a small business start-up blog by an entrepreneur who was selected to deliver a TED talk. Despite knowing what an amazing opportunity this was, she experienced intense fear leading up to the event and even considered some crazy excuses to get out of her commitment.

She’s certainly not alone.

As a coach and mentor who works with thousands of entrepreneurs, I often witness how people stop themselves by allowing fear and self-doubt to keep themselves ‘playing small’ in their business and their lives. The thing is, they’re often not even aware of it. Here’s what I mean… People SAY they want something very badly, that they want a change, and theoretically, that they’d do anything to get it.

But when the rubber meets the road, it’s a totally different story. For many, when it’s time to take action, they’re just not willing to take the steps or do the work that creates the result.  It’s that inner self-doubt that consistently has them questioning every single move they make in growing their business and their income.

Here are my four steps to break though that fear and self-doubt:


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1. Take a No-Excuses Approach
Although, some may call them “reasons”, people stop themselves all the time by using excuses. The opportunity they want so badly finally shows up, and they make excuses so as not to go forward. The biggest excuses I hear are “I don’t have enough money,” “I don’t have enough time, “I’m too busy”, “I don’t want to travel,” and the list goes on.
They use these excuses as their trap door, their escape route.
Let me ask you this—when pressed in a life or death situation, would you find the time or money? If someone you loved was trapped in a building, would you stop trying to rescue them if the front door was locked? No, of course not. You’d try the back door, then the windows, and every other possible way, right?
To achieve success, you’ve got to be willing to take the same approach with your business. Successful people are those who take a No-Excuses Approach and are willing to do what others won’t.
So, how badly do you want it? You either have excuses or you have results. Which do you choose?


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2. Feel the Fear—But Do It Anyway
The ego creates fear to keep you small. For example, fear of rejection, fear of overwhelm, fear of humiliation, fear of making mistakes, fear of losing it all, fear of the unknown, and on and on it goes. The list is huge.
All entrepreneurs I know experience fear. What separates those who are successful and those who allow fear to hold them back is the willingness to act in spite of the fear. The best way to get over fear is to walk directly into it. It takes courage but you know what? Walking into fear is never as bad as you think it’s going to be. Instead, you’ll find it liberating.
3. Be Willing to Stretch Beyond Your Comfort Zone
Most people avoid discomfort like the plague.  If you want to get to the next level of your business, you’ve got to be comfortable being uncomfortable—just for a short time. Yes, it’s a little scary at first but let’s face it, it’s not going to kill you.
The question is—are you willing? Are you willing to trade short-term discomfort for long-term success? If so, are you willing to go where you have to go? Are you willing to talk to who you have to talk to? Are you willing to move for what you want? Are you willing to do what you haven’t done? Are you willing to stretch beyond your comfort zone?
Yes? Then I’ve got great news–that is when the money and opportunities show up.

Take Decisive Action

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4. Take Decisive Action

You can’t just wish for something. You’ve got to take action. Action is an issue of personal responsibility. It’s where you acknowledge that you are solely responsible for the choices in your life and you accept that you cannot blame others for the choices you have made. Time and time again our inner self-doubt makes us question everything and keeps us from taking action when the solution shows up. This all boils down to one thing and one thing only. In plain English it’s called self-sabotage.

Widening your perspective around success starts with a decision. Once you make a decision to succeed, it’s time to commit to doing whatever it takes to make it happen.

It comes down to taking bold and decisive action toward what you say you want in your business or your life. It’s about saying YES to what’s possible for you. Saying YES to the opportunities that are divinely given to you—and then taking action. Your business, your life, your income will never be the same. I promise you that.

Back to entrepreneur, Rebekah who I mentioned in my introduction—her fear of failure and her desire to conquer that self doubt actually wound up being a driving force for success in her business. And it can for you, too.