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Secret lovers caught in FB photo

Pretty Starlet keeps denying that she and Hunky Actor are a couple.
PS, however, had been spotted waltzing in and out of HA’s condo unit building by kibitzers.
In another instance, PS visited the set of HA’s latest project.
An over-enthusiastic production staffer innocently posted on Facebook a photo of HA and PS together.
The unintentional outing will surely make PS and HA’s respective handlers go ballistic.

Air rage
Acclaimed Actress is purportedly a nightmare to travel with, according to a flight attendant.
During one flight, AA was allegedly quite rude to FA. Moreover, AA was a chatterbox as well. Needless to say, AA’s seatmate felt “hostaged” throughout the trip.
Another Veteran Actress is just as obnoxious. VA supposedly expects to be upgraded every time she flies abroad.
VA brazenly throws her weight around, bullying the poor crew.

Million-peso execs
While everyone in the company is cost-cutting, Top Exec 1 and Top Exec 2 are living in high style.
TE1 reportedly earns millions a month, while TE2 lavishes various hunks with expensive gifts.
Seems the TEs are trying to upstage Marie Antoinette.
While they roll around in dough, they have the chutzpah to ask their underlings to sacrifice and not claim overtime pay.


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Separate cars
Celebrity cosmetic surgeon Vicki Belo insists that she and consultant/yoga instructor Al Galang are not sweethearts. “He’s not my ka-loveteam,” she pleaded to the media.
She explained that he was just behind her company’s latest project: The Belofied Application on iPad.
After the project’s launch, the rumored couple left the venue together. At the parking lot, however, they went their separate ways.
A witness reported that while she proceeded to her own car, the guy hailed a taxi cab.
Make of that what you will.

Comedian/TV host Michael V, who has been endorsing Mister Donut since 2007, just finished shooting a commercial for the food brand’s new product line called the Chocoholic Collection.

DJ Ferry Corsten at Republiq
DJ Ferry Corsten will spin classic tunes and new mixes tomorrow night at Republiq Club in Resorts World Manila. Corsten has just released his latest album, “WKND,” which includes 14 brand new tracks.


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Top of the Talk Shows

For those who missed last weekend’s TV gabfests (and why we are moved, if we are moved):
Wally Bayola on fame: “Minsan ’di pa kami makapaniwala. Parang feeling namin binobola kami kapag may nagsasabing, ‘Uy, pwede daw bang magpa-picture!’” (Enjoy it while it lasts, show biz fame is fleeting. )
Sam Pinto on winning FHM sexiest woman for the second straight year: “Sobrang surprised ako. This is crazy!…Ngayon maghahanda ako sa rampa. ’Di na ako kakain!” (Girl, your curves got you that. ’Di magan-da ang sobrang payat.)
Sid Lucero, asked if he easily falls in love with his leading ladies: “To a certain extent, oo. Pero not all the way!” (Malay mo, they may feel the same way about you. )
Jackie Rice, asked if she’s already living in with her non-show biz boyfriend: Hindi, kasama ko po ’yung dad ko sa bahay …”(Oo nga. Ang hirap kaya mag-live-in habang si Daddy nasa bahay pa.)
Kim Chiu on “The Healing” costar Vilma Santos: “Mino-motivate niya ako. Sinasabi niya, ‘Huwag mong isiping ako si Ate Vi’…Sabi niya huwag mong sasayangin ’yung eksena, ibigay mo na dahil minsan lang mangyayari ’to.” (Haaaaay, we love you, Ate Vi!)
Carmina Villaroel, asked when was the last time she felt “kilig”: “Parang palagi naman akong kinikilig, eh! Kahit matagal na kami ni Zoren [Legaspi], kinikilig pa rin ako sa kanya. Walang joke talaga ’yun!” (Kami rin, kinikilig sa inyo!)
Dawn Zulueta, asked about her team-up with Richard Gomez in “Walang Hanggan”: “Hanggang ngayon, kahit na sa edad kong ’to, nasu-surprise pa rin ako! ’Di ko alam na marami pa ring sumusubaybay sa love team namin.” (Oh, for sure!)
Andi Eigenmann on how daughter Ellie changed her life: “Mas meron na ’kong direction, at motivated to keep going. Kasi everything I do now in my life is all connected to, or about, Ellie.”

Salma Hayek

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Salma Hayek on life with her fashion mogul husband.

“Not always private jets,” Salma Hayek clarified in a recent interview when a reporter praised her for staying grounded despite a lifestyle that must involve flying around in private planes. “I flew commercial from Boston yesterday.”

The actress is married to fashion mogul, Francois-Henri Pinault, a billionaire who is the CEO of PPR, whose brands include Gucci, Yves Saint Laurent and Bottega Veneta. The Paris-based Salma was in LA to help promote “Savages,” her movie with director Oliver Stone that also stars Taylor Kitsch, Blake Lively, Aaron Johnson, John Travolta and Benicio del Toro.

When a journalist asked how she keeps herself grounded in the City of Light, Salma replied, “I let my maid do everything that she can, but I don’t have her all the time. In Paris, they leave at 5 in the afternoon. I have to cook dinner and do everything else. But, it’s nice, because it’s very family-oriented. By that time, there’s not a lot of people. I always have a lot of people, so it’s nice that at that point, there’s not a lot of them.”


Addressing the journalist’s reference to her as being part of about four percent of the world (Pinault’s father is one of the richest on this planet), Salma pointed out, “I feel very privileged in many different ways—but, the things that I’m most excited about are—not that I’m living like the four percent—but that I’m living like the one percent of the world—I have a happy marriage. I am healthy. I am aging gracefully. Yes, I’m getting older, but at least it’s not so bad. My daughter (Valentina, 4) is fantastic. I feel lucky about the things that really matter. Maybe that keeps me grounded.”

Salma claimed that she still loves to do grocery-shopping. “Are you kidding me?,” she said. “I love Farmers Markets and Whole Foods. You buy delicious, fattening things but somehow, you feel like you’re doing this in a healthy way. I enjoy it.”

But, according to the woman who can turn to a number of top Parisian fashion houses that her husband’s company owns for her clothes, she isn’t a shopaholic. “I am not so much into shopping (for clothes),” she stressed. “Isn’t that weird? It seems ironic. All of my friends, because they are fashionistas, go, ‘You ended up with that guy?’ I don’t love shopping, but I organize many different homes. With all the people around, everybody’s schedule, my own schedule—I am an organizer! I’m not much of a shopper. But, I like cooking.”


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Elegant but colorful
The Mexico native claimed that, when it comes to her homes, she is “not a collector. I do have a sense of style. I like homes to be comfortable, happy, elegant but colorful. But, in reality, the one who is better than me is my husband. He has a better sense of style than I do. So, it’s fun. We do it together. We don’t have decorators. We don’t fight about it, which is good, because I hear many times that remodelling could be the cause of divorce.”
Salma emphasized that she’s more enthused about her family. “I try to stay a lot with my child,” she shared. “I’m a good Mexican mother. I take my child to school. I do activities with her.
“At night, I work after dinner with my family. Everybody goes to sleep while I work, because I have my beauty and production companies here (in the US), so I work really late at night.”
Salma has no need for a Paris Metro pass. “I am very lucky,” she said. “I have a car with a driver. It’s very bad that you cannot find taxis on the street, but they have a good service. You call, and the taxi comes up. I don’t need the Metro so much.”
Salma laughed over the irony that, while she and close friend, Penelope Cruz, live in Europe, they usually see each other in LA. “It’s so strange! We are both so busy. It’s hard to see each other with the kids and the work. We’re still very close.”
On their almost parallel lives, Salma commented, “We hoped, yeah, but we didn’t know exactly how it was going to be and with whom. But yes, we had similar dreams and paths. It’s been interesting. She was on (Jay) Leno yesterday, and I’m on Leno today. It’s incredible! I’m going to see her tomorrow, then we both leave on the same day.”

In “Savages,” Salma plays Elena, a badass Mexican drug lord. “I love the character,” she said. “I had a lot of say in what she looked like. Oliver was really cool even though he asked me a lot of questions about why that choice, why this choice. I created a character based on the powerful, strong women I’ve met in my life. These women were very imposing—you can never forget them. I knew she had to be that strong to operate in that world. Women like that create a very specific identity.”
Salma added, “If you notice in the film, I don’t change my hair or necklace. She’s very specific. Oliver asked, ‘Why don’t you change?’ I said, ‘No, because in order to create an iconic character, there are certain characteristics, especially in the short time that she has to be very memorable.’ A lot of women create their own character like that. You see them in Fashion Week on the first row. Everybody has her own trademark that you remember them by —like Evita Peron. So, I created the character based on that. I worked with the production design and all the departments to create this character.”


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Fetish fashion takes over the Berlin underground.

Riders of the Berlin subway have been taking trips this week that go far beyond the hip German capital’s already outlandish standards, as models in latex wear, fetish gear and “spirit hoods” staged a fashion show on a train.
Girls wearing all-leather sado-masochist bodysuits tottered through the train car, followed by male models wearing nothing but ornamental metallic sculptures around their groin. Models in neon tulle dangled from the subway poles.
Around 600 people showed up for “Underground Catwalk”, a ticketed show during Berlin Fashion Week that took place entirely on a train running underneath the city.
“Because of the special location, models pretty much walk across people’s laps. There’s loud music blasting, it’s pretty wild and colourful,” event director Alexander van Hessen told Reuters.
Micaela Schaefer, a German reality TV star known for her self-professed ‘fabric allergy’ and near-nude appearances, made tabloid headlines by performing in the show as a burlesque Marilyn Monroe in a costume made entirely of artificial blonde hair.
But “Underground Catwalk” is also a forum for young Berlin designers to show more classic couture fare without paying the price for a fashion tent show, said van Hessen.
Berlin’s fashion week, which ends this the weekend, is no showcase for haute couture on the scale of Paris or Milan.
Though a strong host of young local designers have significantly raised Berlin’s fashion profile in recent years, the culture of the fashion week remains alternative and less focused on exclusive designer goods.
“We are the alternative to Berlin Fashion Week,” said von Hessen. “You wouldn’t drink champagne here, but beer or whisky.”